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+ Aesthetic business card

Façades determine the appearance of a building to a large extent. That is why architects of iconic buildings in particular, like to move away from what is standard. We consider it our task to translate the architect's aesthetic basic principles to technically sophisticated total solutions. Especially with respect to the feasibility and viability in terms of statics and constructional requirements and the client's wishes (such as wind and water tightness/acoustics/ventilation etc.). Our engineers are happy to contribute their ideas. In the design stage, the question is: what is the optimum to be achieved within the set limiting conditions? In the construction stage, the question is: how do we realise it in a safe, sustainable and cost-efficient manner?


+ Comfortable rooms

To the users of a building the façade is the interface between the interior and the exterior. The façade must stop the sun, wind and sound or regulate them in such a way that inside the buildings there are comfortable rooms in which the user can perform their activities in a pleasant manner: either for a temporary stay, or to live and/or work. There are ever more technical possibilities to realise this. Together with our clients we now investigate how we can continuously utilise these in such a manner that the quality of the entire façade is preserved.


+ Environment and Sustainability

New technological innovations enable the design and construction of façades that contribute to a building's sustainability. For instance, by integrating solar cells or breathable materials in the façades. We consider it important to support these ecological innovations and to take their development further. In addition, we can play an active role in the certification processes for sustainability certificates such as BREEAM and LEED.





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