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Blitta is known for its innovative solutions. Innovation is at the core of our success. Thanks to our know-how, experience and creativity we can think solution-oriented at any stage of the building process: from the development stage right up until completion. We use our creative and innovative powers for innovations to façade systems, the production of those in our workshop and installation at site. This integrated approach makes us into the ideal partner for architects, building companies and project developers.


+ In-house Product Development

We are committed to finding new possibilities to improve façade systems' functionalities. Think of the combination of functions, such as windows that keep the sun out during the daytime and open automatically at night for ventilation. We also examine whether it is possible to combine various materials and components, resulting in a better product, and examine how this can be done. In doing so, we always perform elaborate tests to make sure our solutions meet the requirements of our clients. What's more, we produce the façade units within the manageable environment of our own workshop, so under ideal, controlled conditions, where quality is guaranteed.


+ Co-design & co-makership

We appreciate to be involved in projects as a co-designer and co-maker, as it enables us to share our innovative know-how during the entire construction process. It also allows us to avoid any pitfalls at an early stage and point out the various possibilities. For instance, we show architects how their distinctive designs can be realised. Building companies can see for themselves how this can be done in a safe, cost-efficient and logistically smart manner. Also, we have proved that we can and are willing to bear responsibility for complex and prestigious projects with respect to the technology used, their realisation and financing.


+ Advanced Technology

Façade technology is becoming increasingly important, including the building physics properties. Think of the controllability of light transmittance, the supply of fresh air (ventilation), heat shielding, moisture management/humidity in rooms, cooling etcetera. Façades contain more and more electronics, for instance to have windows open or close automatically. Another option is to relocate installations from within the building to the façade, for instance for ventilation, cooling or heating purposes. We examine these options in conjunction with our partners and we use them in our façade systems. These developments all contribute to a better climate within the building and a better environment outside of it. All this supports the green ambitions of Blitta.


+ Made-to-measure Products

Our vision to the project approach for façade systems, panels and units, is that we want to deliver made-to-measure products. Not two projects we participate in are identical. This means that we often have to add or modify components in our systems as these are unique for that one specific project. Different shapes for instance, different materials, or new technical functionalities. We do so within the controllable environment of our own workshop and only after performing strict tests and inspections. As a result, the contractor can realise exactly what the architect had in mind, while safety and quality are guaranteed.


+ Aesthetically Appealing and Reliable

We use our innovative capabilities to make façades that make a positive contribution to a pleasant living environment. This applies to the aesthetic quality of the built-up area, as we always remain within the aesthetic boundaries of the architect's design. It also applies to sustainability, because we know, for instance, the requirements our façades and the building have to meet in order to get important certificates such as LEED and BREEAM. In addition we always have an open eye for new technical functionalities or other materials that we can use, so that our façade structures can contribute even more to a sustainable environment.





The combination of our products and services enables us to provide a total solution for façade structures. We use our innovative capabilities when designing the façade, when producing the units in our own workshop and when installing the units at site. With complex projects in particular, this integrated approach provides real added value. It opens up new possibilities for the architect's design while contractors are assured of a sound and cost efficient execution. In addition, our working method has the advantage that contractors are relieved of the task to make sure that the various products seamlessly link up with one another.

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