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From a windscreen to an insulated raincoat. That, in brief, is the evolutionary process of the façade. In the meantime the façade is becoming an ever smarter and more active interface between the inside and the outside, as an increasing amount of technical functions is added to it. Think of high-performance insulating systems or domotics to control sun blinds or night time ventilation. They allow more comfortable and safer interiors. And those innovations on or in the façade make buildings more sustainable. Sustainability therefore has our constant attention.



BREEAM, a sustainability label for buildings, has various certification categories, viz. ‘New construction and Renovation’, ‘In-Use’, ‘Area Development’ and ‘Demolition’. A customised inspection is possible as well. Our engineers are familiar with the requirements for the certificate within the various categories and they know how the façade can contribute to certification in areas such as energy, noise nuisance, discharge of polluted air, innovation or cradle to cradle.

Motel One in Amsterdam is one of the projects by Blitta that carries a BREEAM label


Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) is the international label developed by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and that is based on BREEAM. Our engineers know in which fields (think of energy, noise nuisance, discharge of polluted air or innovation) a façade can contribute to obtain sufficient credits for the building to obtain a LEED certificate.

Hotel Amstelkwartier in Amsterdam is an example of a project that obtained a LEED certificate. Blitta executed the cladding.

groene ambitie blitta


We put great value in driving eco-innovation in façades. This is necessary to achieve the national energy-neutral building tasks and to take responsibility towards future generations. So in this field as well we are a proactive knowledge partner for all parties and we carry out a lot of research into new possibilities. Our façade systems contribute important credits for sustainability certificates such as BREEAM and LEED.

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What goal do we pursue?

We are a façade builder with ongoing technical developments in our products and we have been a partner for various parties for quite some time. Within the scope of the green building tasks we also wish to develop into a partner for future generations, by providing socially responsible and ecologically sound innovations in façade construction.

Why do we want to achieve this?

Within the context of the green building task, we believe in the functional evolutionary process of the façade. This evolution has taken us from the windscreen to the present insulated raincoat. We are convinced that this process will ultimately get us close to a façade that has active functionalities, and is comparable to our own skin



We place high value on Corporate Social Responsibility. Not only do we make our façade structures and units ever more sustainable, we also support societal activities in our immediate vicinity.


Kies Techniek

One example of this is the 'Kies Techniek Venray' event. In collaboration with other tech companies in our region we stimulate children to follow technical training. At the Open Days we show the oldest children of primary schools all kinds of things you can do with technology. We want to propagate that it is fun and interesting to work in this industry.


Blitta also opens its doors to children during the so-called 'Roefeldag'. Again, this is about introducing young children to all sorts of fields they can later work in.