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Since the company was first established, Blitta has had a strong focus on innovation. We use our know-how, experience and innovative capabilities to help architects, construction companies and project developers realise iconic buildings and extensive housing projects. Our façade structures make a long-lasting contribution to the environment both inside and outside a building. As a co-designer and co-maker we are a creative and solution-oriented partner at every stage of the building process: from the initial design to the final realisation and even beyond that. Think of DBFMO projects and projects realised within public private partnerships, where the maintenance and use phases of a building are also highly important.


+ Design

As we have our own design department, we are an excellent development partner for architects, building companies and project developers. We have the creative and innovative know-how to think outside of the box. It means that the architect can design a building with a unique, iconic façade and the contractor can actually realise the complex façade in a safe and sustainable manner, within the project's time schedule and financial budget. Because of this added value, were are often involved in projects as a co-designer or co-maker.


+ Tailor-made Product

The design and manufacture of our products always exactly suits the structure and movements of that one unique building, whether it concerns complete façade systems, cladding, panels for curtain walls or aluminium frames. If possible and suitable, we will use standard products, but if necessary or so requested, we will do otherwise. This may be because the architect wants to use new materials or has come up with a different form, or because we have to factor in more intense wind due to the height of the building. Another example is the building needs to have higher insulation values, as it is situated right beside the motorway. We always have our designs and prototypes extensively tested and our proprietary products have the same guarantees as the standard products


+ Project engineering

We always feel co-responsible for the overall end result of the façade structure. That is why we do not deliver façade systems or aluminium frames just like that; our engineers always have a good look at the facts and the proposed principles of a design. Are standards and materials properly applied? Is the visual design in line with the output specifications or does it maybe lead to situations that need to be solved first? In this way we ensure that the entire façade structure is of a guaranteed high quality.


+ Projectmanagement

For contractors there is a single point of contact for the entire façade of one building or all façades in a large project of residential buildings. This project manager informs our engineers, head of production and installation supervisor of the client's wishes. Reversely, he indicates the various possibilities to the client and provides input when designs, lead times or construction sequences need to be altered.


+ Production

We produce the façade units in the controllable and controlled environment of our own workshop. The workshop is situated close to the engineering and project management office, so if any consultation is necessary, lines are short. Our manufacturing machines are controlled directly by the work planning department. In combination with our thorough quality inspection process, this working method guarantees products that meet the highest quality standards. This approach also allows us to deliver products quickly and with flexibility, which is a tremendous added value, also for extensive residential housing projects.


+ Logistics / just in time

As we develop, produce and install our façade units in-house, logistics can be precisely planned. The units are delivered with our self-unloading truck at the building site at the right time. The units arrive in good time and in the right sequence. Thanks to this method there is less storage capacity needed at the building site, and this is definitely of considerable added value in case of complex projects in densely built-up urban areas.


+ Installation

The façade units are installed by our own specialists. Façades made from prefab façade units usually do not require scaffolding. What's more, installation is relatively quick, as we can install the units right after the anchors have been mounted. Our specialists adjust the units on site and when ready, the entire façade is wind- and watertight.


+ Service and Maintenance

Also after installation and completion we remain involved. Our expertise in the field of preventive maintenance is the best guarantee for long-term optimum use of the façade. We feel sustainability is not just important when it comes to our façade units, we also like to enter into long-term partnerships with our clients.



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We are setting trends in developing and manufacturing prefab façade units. This method has proved to be a successful way to produce façades with frames, glass and panelling that are non-standard. Or to combine aluminium with materials such as natural stone, wood or plastic. Under the ideal conditions in our own workshop we assemble these components and materials to complete façade units that are ready to be installed. So the processing from semi-manufactured product to end product does not need to take place at the building site, in any weather conditions, or at great height. Furthermore we can inspect and test the units in our workshop and add any technical functionalities.

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One-stop shop

One-stop shop

We are a one-stop shop for fully developed façade structures or complex mounted assemblies for those façades. In a nutshell, this means that the contractor makes a steel or concrete structure and we can take care of everything around it. From design to completion. In doing so, we stick to the aesthetic and functional principles of the architect. We also ensure a high quality by producing the façade units within our plant. In this way there is only minimal assembly at the building site. This method does not only guarantee high quality, it also prevents coordination problems or delays at the building site, as the contractor only needs to contact a single party.