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Blitta and product development can be said in a single breath. What will a façade look like in 2020? And in 2050? What kind of materials will be used at that time? What additional technical functions will have been added to façades? Can we build those façades even more cost efficiently and make them even more sustainable? These are questions that our engineers ask themselves every day. Together with our knowledge partners they are constantly looking for innovative, surprising and practical solutions that create sustainable added value to a building and its environment.


+ Innovations

Façades once were static divisions between the outside (where aspects such as temperature, light, sun, noise and moisture come in) and the inside (rooms where the user expects a climate that suits their activities). However, innovations have made façades into ever smarter interfaces. Think of deep sun protection , that stops the hot summer sun and welcomes the pleasant wintry sun, or systems to automatically open and close windows. At this time it is already possible to integrate technical installations, for instance heating, ventilation or cooing, into the façade. .


+ Positive Energy Contribution

In 2020 all new buildings in the Netherlands have to be virtually energy-neutral and in 2050 all existing buildings have to be completely energy-neutral. In practice, this more or less means that project developers have to meet those requirements even now. It would be even better if new buildings were to produce energy, as their users will increasingly demand that a building contributes in a positive manner to its environment. Our engineers know how they can increase the sustainability of a building using innovative façade structures. This is also important in order to be eligible for certification, with the BREEAM or LEED label for instance


+ Revitalisation

Quite some office premises are standing empty at this time. They are technically dated or they lack the look that people are looking for. A large group of office premises, all twenty to thirty years old, are threatened with a similar fate. Our façade revitalisation concept can make these buildings once again appealing and profitable. Most of the time such buildings can remain in use during revitalisation, as we fit our prefab façade structures to ceilings, floors and walls and only minimum work is required on the inside. The renovation of a façade is also an ideal moment to add all kinds of modern technical functions to the façade. Think of climate control, fire protection, energy generation, sun protection or regulation of how the light enters the room.



BIM LOD 500 blitta



The specifications of our façade designs and units are laid down by means of BIM (Building Information Modeling, or in Dutch: het Bouwwerk Informatie Model); already in the design stage it allows designers and builders to see in a digital 3D model whether there are any conflicting objects. Another advantage is that BIM allows us to include information like the materials used, the type of pipes and cables as well as the costs. We can supply our designs and the specifications of façade units at BIM LOD 500 level, which is the level with the highest detail in BIM.

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Examples of projects for which BIM was used:


Hoog Catharijne |  Utrecht

Hoog Catharijne | Utrecht

Elsewhere on the page are some cut-outs of building information models; these refer to the Poortgebouw of Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht, which is currently under construction.
Mahlergebouw, Kavel 16 | Amsterdam

Mahlergebouw, Kavel 16 | Amsterdam

This is another example of a project where Blitta made use of BIM.
Theater de Stoep | Spijkenisse

Theater de Stoep | Spijkenisse

A third example of the order series for which Blitta used BIM.




Rechtbank Zwolle gevel blitta



De mogelijke toepassingen van het Blitta EVS verticale schuifraamsysteem zijn divers:
  • Appartementen
  • Woningen
  • Hotels
  • Studentenhuisvesting
  • Kantoren
  • Transformaties
  • Nieuwbouw
  • Renovatie


Tevens bieden we opties, waaronder:
  • tussenregel zonder druiprand,
  • grote afmetingen (basisafmeting 2200 mm hoogte bij 3000 mm breedte).