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Since the company was first established, Blitta has had a strong focus on innovation. With our know-how, experience and creativity we offer architects, building companies and project developers total solutions in the design and construction of façade structures. As a co-designer and co-maker we gladly accept responsibility for the entire façade. Our engineers think with the architects as to the question whether and how an iconic design can be realised. For each project our specialists in the workshop look for the most suitable way to produce and install the façade units. By incorporating new functionalities in our façade systems we are constantly investigating how we can contribute in a sustainable manner to a pleasant climate both inside and outside buildings.



blitta beeldmerk xs  HISTORY

Blitta is an innovative designer and producer of façade structures that enable architects, building companies and project developers throughout the Netherlands to realise iconic buildings. We were established in 1874. It was the year in which Jan Franssen started his smithy in the village of Blitterswijck. Our name was derived from this village situated in the northern part of the province of Limburg.

From the twenties of the previous century Blitta produced steel barn windows, later on steel façades as well. They gained us quite a reputation among architects in the Netherlands.

In the fifties Blitta relocated to Venray. When, in the sixties, aluminium became more popular as a material for façades, we grew into the innovative market leader in complex façade structures developed from scratch.



blitta beeldmerk xs  PARTNERS

Blitta is good in partnering. We consider cooperation, a combination of forces, as one of the success factors for a successful project and a satisfied client.

For each project we will look for partners that fit the client and the project. We work with reputable system providers, glass suppliers and steel sheet processors, among others.




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  • Cooperating with an innovative partner from start to finish, from the design stage to the completion of the façade;
  • The opportunity to think beyond the standards in the market and in this way arrive at iconic façades, both from an aesthetic and a technological point of view;
  • A guaranteed high quality of the façade and the parts it is made up of;
  • Committed attention for the sustainability of the façade, the building and its environment;
  • A single point of contact for all matters pertaining to the design, production and installation of the façade.

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